Wouldn’t you love for someone to show you the evidence for God’s existence without statements like, “Just believe.” When it comes to the probability of God’s existence, the Bible states that there are people who have witnessed enough evidence, but they have suppressed the truth about God.

Here are some thoughts which suggest that God exists.

1. The world, in all of its beautiful complexity, points to the existence of God.

There is nothing science has discovered that describes the existence of the universe. The complexity of our planet makes a case for a thoughtful designer who not only created our universe but sustains it today. The universe has a beauty and an order that clearly demonstrates a magnificently engineered system. Not unlike how the computational science and engineering of a computer demonstrates a creator. The world and the human systems with all of their innate complexities, point to the existence of a Creator, God.

2. The universe functions by uniform laws of nature.

Life may seem uncertain, but we have so much around us that we can count on day after day – gravity remains constant, a steaming cup of coffee left on a counter gets cold, the speed of light doesn’t change, and the earth rotates in the same 24 hours. Have you ever wondered how and why the universe is so orderly? How and why nature operates on mathematical principles remains unknown; the fact that these principles exist at all is a kind of miracle.

3. God exists because he pursues us by drawing us to himself.

God created us with the intention that we would know him. Even atheist can’t escape thinking about the possibility of God. Perhaps, the reason atheists are bothered by the existence of God is because God is actively pursuing them. There are many reasons to wonder about the reality of God. When we look into the heavens and the world around us, it is natural to contemplate our placement within it. Why are we different from the rest of creation? Where do we get our being; our uniqueness? The Bible says that it is by a measure of faith that we seek God and our faith becomes stronger when we seek and find him. (Romans 12:3)

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