Hope 4 you

Hope 4 You provides Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the message of Jesus Christ; for a complete renewing of the mind and the total transformation of a person’s life. Our website and mobile CCBT Therapy app are helpful for mild to moderate cases of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. If one-on-one help is desired or indicated, our Hope 4 You partners provide quality Christ-Centered CCBT counseling online, often at reduced costs. We believe that all people can be strengthened by the love and moral fortitude found in God’s Word and through his Holy Spirit. We provide our services digitally, locally and globally to reach all who are seeking God as the answer to their suffering.


Our HOPE PRAYER ROOM has a supportive online community to help those who are struggling with isolation to experience encouragement and connection. This is a moderated safe space where all visitors and members are allowed to stay anonymous.

Our Faith-Over-Fear Runs

Our Faith-Over-Fear Runs and Sure-Footed Friends Walks fundraising events are held seasonally to encourage healing in a natural setting. Being outdoors with others in our supportive communities can help to reset our physiology and improve our mental outlook.

You may be asking yourself, where does depression come from, what is it, and is it normal? How do I manage depression or how do I get rid of it? Well, the good news is that a certain amount of depression is normal from time to time. Depression comes with a lot of helpful messages; even when they appear destructive and hostile. When we learn how to respond to these messages, depression can become manageable and often avoided altogether. However, there may be times when situations or life events overwhelm us, and we need help to find our way out.

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We recognize that it takes courage to seek help and that it is a very personal and private decision. We want you and everyone who needs help to have access to the care they need.

The World Health Organization recognizes that Mental Health is a Human Right and yet access to mental health care can be costly and difficult to access…  especially for young people.

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When Jesus taught in parables, he used natural stories that related to daily life. These stories were told to help us to know who we are, why we are here, and what our purpose and destiny are. He challenged his disciples who were with him on their understanding of the spiritual nature of these stories. Without Jesus to interpret their meaning, there would have been no understanding of the spiritual principles within them. This is why they called him Master, Rabbi, Teacher.

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