HOPE 4 YOU, believes that you are the most important advocate that your adolescent or teenager can have… regardless of the current health of your relationship.

As advocates ourselves for Mental Health, we want to unite with you in helping to provide proven therapeutic tools that are free to everyone in need. We believe that Christ-Centered Counsel provides the best support and lays the best foundation for developing a sound mind, mental fortitude, and an unshakeable moral foundation.

RCBT therapeutic tool

The proven RCBT therapeutic tool we have incorporated into our Hope 4 You website and mobile application is known as Religious Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You will find information and research on the Duke University website. We encourage you to watch their informative video overview of RCBT Therapy (Video).
The goal is to incorporate the user’s religious beliefs, motivations, values, and practices into the therapy. This serves as the foundation or motivation for changes in thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

Major Tools in Hope 4 You ’s RCBT Therapy

Contemplative Prayer – Hope Prayer Room
Renewing the Mind – Prayer, Scripture and Guided Journal Entry
Challenging Thoughts – CCBT Therapy , Religious Resources
Participation in Religious Community – Hope 4 You Events
Access to Additional Resources – Hope 4 You Partnerships

Our Hope 4 You Website and mobile application


Our Hope 4 You Website and mobile application
have been developed with a great deal of oversight.
Our partnerships with churches, schools, and other
religious organizations assure an ongoing commitment
to providing the highest level of spiritual care for our
adolescents and youth.

It is our hope that you will greatly benefit


It is our hope that you will greatly benefit from
our efforts and that you will support us and
Spread the Word of HOPE. Our desire is to reach
every hurting child with the Hope of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ.

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